Help Unknown entry on my bank statment!

    15Jun07-DEB *NetworkSp £18.25
    US 34.95
    XR 1.91507
    CD 4639

    CD 4639


    its put me overdrawn !

    all i have bought recently is £7 usb stick from ebay-uk

    thats a £30 charge!

    5 Comments are a hosting services - if you haven't bought hosting, call your banks fraud dept immediately - get a new number & everything. They should refund the £30 charge for going overdrawn once you'v signed a declaration you didn't make the transaction.

    Original Poster

    good old sean! come to the rescue!
    rep left^^^

    ive got a DD due tommorow and what do i do?

    Call them today if lines are available - hotlines for fraud should be 24 hour ideally but not all are. If you can't get them to sort things out then it may cause a snowball effect in charges - they will all get refunded, so don't panic. It may just take a while.
    £17.25 to go overdrawn when you know you'v got a DD? Seems a bit close to the wire I must say. Any chance of adding cash to the account to put you in the black to avoid all the forms you'll end up filling out to get the charges back (they make it as difficult as possible on purpose after all).

    Original Poster

    not really unless your loaning me £20 till its sorted! lol

    Would be a bit late by time it gets to you!
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