Help: Unlocking a Sony Ericsson T630 mobile

I'm hoping to unlock a Sony Ericsson T630 mobile, which is currently linked to the O2 network. Would greatly appreciate any advice and info regarding the process. Is there any software I can download to calculate unlock codes?


[color=darkblue]You can get it unlocked by using an online ulocking service. This one[/color] [color=blue]CLICK HERE - MOBILE FUN[/color] [color=darkblue]will do it for £8.95p using a secure server [which is essential]. The security certificate is current + by Thawte with High Grade Encryption. But I think you will need to use a special cable with a Sony Ericsson T630...[/color] [color=blue]Here[/color]

[color=darkblue]If you don't trust giving your details over the internet, perhaps someone knows of a downloadable programme [like the Nokia ones]. You'll probably still need the cable though?[/color]

Yeah Rayman, most phones are impossible to unlock with a free program, but NOKIAS are easy!!

My advice would be to shop around some local market stalls and phone shops, see if you can get it down to a fiver. Most say "Have you got the phone on you now? Because it's £5 today, but any other day it's £10". I had 3 say that to me, yeah right!!

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Thank you, rayman and duckmagicuk2. I'll have a look at the sites to see if the process isn't too fiddly (and a cable might come in handy for transferring files in the future). Having said that, I'll stop by the markets next weekend; getting it unlocked on the spot for a fiver sounds good.

its possible with nokias to unlock them with one special code - not 2 sure about other makes though

Other makes generally can't. By the way - unlocking cables do cost about £80, and there's a different cable for each group of about 5 phones, so it's probably not a worthwile investment unless you're going to do it for lots of people.

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Hi ChrisUK. Yes, it appears Nokias are a lot easier to unlock.

Duckmagicuk2: I've found terminator dongles, which I understand are the sort required, for about a tenner on Ebay and on other sites. Aren't the £80 versions the sort that are used by resellers of the unlocking service? Rayman provided a link to one that's about a tenner.

Looks like you will definately require a T28 unlock cable if you wish to do it yourself as it wont program via its keys... Cable Only £9.99 (+P&P) no doubt less if you do a search... you would need to download some software too... needless to say, this model cannot be unlocked over the net....


fonefunshop.co.uk/dat…htm >Only £9.99 (+P&P)

firstphoneshop.co.uk/mob…es/ >OUR PRICE £8.95



Your phone can be unlocked by post for £15 or fully unbranded for £20 including Recorded Special delivery back to your door !!!


BTW, the unlock kits are avail on ebay too....

Actually, I agree. I didn't know what a terminator dongle was, but it's obviously just for Sony Ericssons (which I've never tried). Anyway, £14 including postage, buy it now on eBay.


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Thanks for all the links and advice. I'm sure I'll be able to get it done. I appreciate all the help. Thanks everyone.

buying the cable would be much cheaper if your only going to do 1 phone because once you have the cable the software can be downloaded free from a forum such as [url]www.nokiafree.org[/url] (this is also a good site for advice - unlocking software etc ) other then using this site i mean lol
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