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help vauxhall vectra 1.9 tdci automatic 08 plate problem please help cheers in advance

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Posted 25th Nov 2014
hi all new to this got me self a vauxhall vectra 1.9 cdti automatic 08 plate well hear goes when im driving it and i put it in drive and if i put my foot down to the metal to get away quick from junctions or other cars it will proper take off but soon as the car is warmed up and i go to boot it again the revs seem to go right up to 2000 revs and even go past 3000 revs and even upto 4000 revs but not as oftden while this is going on the revs are flying but the car doesnt change gears. sometimes it does but then just runs so crap it as no guts but when i put it in trip tronic it seems to be a little better but not much better i have changed the oil in the gear box but made no difference iv tried to change the engine oil but can not get the bolt off as its been rounded off so will have to go into garage for that i checked the level of the oil and there is to much in the engine its past the maximum level will this cause problems like piston slap im no expert so would really love the help thanks in advance
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