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My wife rang me some weeks ago - somebody hit her on a traffic Island, she was driving my L200 working truck. He clouted it on the offside front wing at speed, resulting in the chassis being bent and the 2 year truck being wrote off. Still driveable and not been declared unfit for the road.

Insurance say that repair costs will be more than 60% of vehicle worth and therefore R scrapping it as a 'total loss' They hold my wife responsible as the other guy was on the Island to her right(having approached and entered Island, from a dual carragway at high speed and span the truck through 180 degrees upon impact- his car activated all his air bags and disintegrated his front end - the old truck(the vehicle that is) stood her ground and held togeter well.

Do insurance companys allow U 2 buy the vehicle back after they pay out - still waiting for their offer? If so, what is best way to deal with them, if not, I intend to strip out all the extras put on by me - load bay box, hardtop, tow bar radio etc. Is that legal?

If they do, what would be a fair offer by me - 1K, 2K or less, or more??????


I would take the advice of a solicitor and probably employ an independent road safety expert to compile a case for your wife.

I'm not sure, but this website/forum may help....]PePiPoo.

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thanx cuthroat - I'm not looking to pursue it further - where is the gain?

My Insurance company told me that they are paying for both vehicles - any other action they woill not consider backing me. You know, no one was seriously hurt - it will be my first claim in 30 years, sometimes life is more valuable than sueing and counter sueing - the other driver has clearly explained his version and was adamant he was in the right - he was even abusive to the traffic cop who turned up. Me and my wife - we can sleep at night knowing no injuries were sustained.
Can I buy the vehicle back? Will source youre site ......tahnx

It depends on what catagory they have written it off as:

Category A - Must be crushed. All of it.
Category B - Vehicle may not be returned to road. Parts may be sold.
Category C - Repairable. Possibly structural damage. Cost of damage (at dealer prices and labour rates) is more than book value of vehicle.
Category D - Repairable. Probably non-structural damage. May have been economic to repair, but insurer doesn't want to.
Category X - Repairable. Minor Danage.

'Category A - May not be resold. Must be crushed. Total burnout or flood damage (salt or foul water). Severely damaged with no serviceable parts, or already stripped out shell. DVLA require "Notification of Destruction".

Category B - May not be resold. Damaged beyond economical repair, usually with severe structural damage. DVLA require "Notification of Destruction". Parts can be removed and sold.

Category C - Repairable salvage. Usually applies to vehicles with significant (structural) damage, where cost of repairs exceeds book value. Can be sold complete to Trade or Public. Recorded as "Category C" at DVLA. Category C vehicles' V5 documents are returned to DVLA. You re-apply, to DVLA or at your local VRO, for registration on the original identity once you have fixed it up, MOTed it and want to Tax it. Re-registration removes the Category C classification, but evidence it was at one time Category C remains on the vehicle's record at DVLA (and HPI and AA and the others).

Is the truck still in your possesion? could be difficult if its not.

If the do allow you a buy back, you should get a cheque for market value less scrap value, and your truck.
(edit: not sure about this after a think. Depends on cover (comp/tf&t) or a no fault accident)

You should research the value of your truck fully to see if the offer is fair, insurance usually try it on, but if you have prices of similar cars for sale they should match.
Check dealers websites and auto trader.

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Nice 1 FixnGrout - I really, really appreciate the effort and thought put into your reply. An engineer is to look at the truck 2morrow, on behalf of the Insurance company, after which I will collect the vehicle and return it home - the garage has consented to this - apparantly they have not declared it unsafe - just uneconomical to repair due to the chassis being bent at the front end and parts being expensive, even if readily available.

Many thanks again. I hope I can be of assistance to someone seeking information in the futre. Kind regards.

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Update - just rec'd a letter offering me 45% value of purchase price of vehicle which is 30 months old - Mitsubishi L200 - uneconmical to repair they say.
I am asking them why, as I have seen no estimate from the garage - which was chosen by the Insurance company. To buy a replacement, like for llike, leaves me at least 3-4K short. I have the vehicle up my drive at home. They say(in letter) they will collect and take it to a safe store compound. I say, not yet, matey boys. I am collecting prices locally - Auto trader etc. and think it not unreasonable 4 me to see estimate of repairs, as having askedthe garage twice, they have not been forthcoming. I see it - that it is, as of now my vehicle - not the Insurance company's
or am I wrong? Any further comments appreciated. Accident was deemed my policy fault by company.

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Oh, If I accept the first offer(I won't) it means the vehicle will have effectively lost value at the rate of £300 per month, every month, over the 30 month period. I know thay are metal - but..........

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Just wrote back to them refusing the offer and asking to see estimates for repair - should be an interesting reply methinks.


All the best with this eggman!

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Thank you. I'll keep posting on the progress - never know, it could prove useful for someone else if thay are unfortunate to have a accident.

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Rec'd a letter Saturday. They are reviewing the offer price made, and will come back to me in the next 14 days. They say they are required to pay me the market price or the sum insured when I renewed the policy - whichever is the lower! There is a 3k differenece between their market offer and the sum insured, as declared when the policy was taken out. Will keep on postin any further developments. Regards.

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Stop Press! Letter 2day increased the offer on the truck by nearly 30% in full settlement - yes 30% over the first offer. I have still not seen any estimate of the cost of repairs tho', which the Insurance company decided to write the vehicle off on. Any advice good people would be much apreciated. Date of accident was 17 August - were they(Insurance co) trying to starve me into submission?

Just been reading your post about your written off vehicle.

Not sure at what stage your claim is but you could try to get a cash in lieu settlement. Used to do that when i worked for insurance company about 4 years ago, the insurance company will give you money and you have to arrange the repairs of the vehicle yourself.

Also you need to find out what category write off it was and bear in mind that this will be registered on MIAFTR (Motor Insurance anti fraud & TTheft Register)

May make insurance quotes tricky in the future.

Let me know how you get on.

Cheers :roll:

When they tried to write my car off the difference between their repairer's estimate of repair and my repairer was about 40%

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Update - been neraly 2 months since the accident. Still no pay out rec'd. Bet if I had a courtesey vehicle on the policy they would have paid out by now. What floats these companies boats?. I can,t get my replacement truck 'till i gets the cheque from the Insurance - it will then take 4 to 5 days to clear. In the meantime I have to carry on working. Hell, I should have gone on holiday for 60 days, oh, I forgot -I can't afford to.

Have they said what the delay is?

If they are dragging their heels i reccomend a quick call to them and mention referring your case to the insurance ombudsman. You dont have to go through with it but they usually act faster then because when the ombudsman is involved the insurers have to pay a fee, think was about £600 when i worked for AXA. May ahve changed now.

Worth bearing in mind though.

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Nice 1 Sebas, their salvage co. phoned 5pm 2 day and will collect the vehicle 2morrow 1st thing- please - turn up.

Therein, they will issue the cheque - oh um. 2 months and counting. Oh ******!

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Truck taken away this AM at 7 30 - still no cheque. Salvage told me it will be auctioned on line. He was gobsmacked it had been written off as very little surface damage - told me it was prob best condition 4 a write off he had seen and wouldn't mind having it himself. Reckons it could fetch 4k at auction too.

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Cheque arrived - wonder wheter they(Insurance) R logged into this site. Belive this is closure on the subject matter of dealing with the Insurance Co.
Hope the thread proves helpful. Oh, and if I source a vehicle from my deal requets I will 4ward the mentioned thank you monetary VALUE on to the relvant 'poster'. regards to every one.

Buy it back and repair it!

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Sorry,jrw, This was never an option ,apparently. The Insurance Comapny would not have sold it 2 me - the salvage guy informed me. It has gone to auction online at HBC salvage.co.uk.(that's what I am led 2 believe) I will watch its progress when it appears. I can then bid 4 it ,after paying a registration/joining fee of around £25 +VAT. as can anyone else. If U can repair it - buy it - pre accident it was perfect. I'll miss that truck. Anyone interested PM me and I can give you reg no etc. Regards.

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Oh no! Made enquiries on a locally adverstised model which appeared a 1/2 decent purchase, advertised by a private buyer for 9.5 K. At the second time of calling him with a request to view, he said that the paper it was advertised in had failed to mention that VAT had to be added to the sale price.
It has been on sale for over a week - has he not checked the advert?
I am not as green as I am looking. Onto the next 1 then. Clown!
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