Help Viewing channels Win Nova Freeview card

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Found 2nd Dec 2009
Yesterday no problems.
Now with the change over I have rescanned, but now have about 4 channels to view although it's showing I have around 25.
The rest come up as buffering then, no signal..............
I have done everything it states to do with the scanning ect.

Anyone had any problems like this??

Mast: Winter Hill A/B


For my K-World usb DVB-T stick I was only able to get 22 out of 84 channels with Winter Hill A. Tried Winter Hill B & got more channels but it has locked onto the BBC Wales signal from the Northeast Wales Transmitter (the BBC Wales channels just give a blank screen in media center).

My normal freeview boxes & TVs with built-in freeview are still picking up the Granada/BBC Northwest after retuning & they are fed by the same roof aerial.

If your tuner has the ability to manually tune then it might be worth searching google for the settings/frequencies.

Same here with FIVER & FIVE USA using WinTV-HVR-1300 on Win 7 64U. I just got the latest Driver & Software from ]Technical Support

Check the ]Forums for Help or Issues

(I get 109 Freeview channels Border Region)

Update! Just sorted my issue :-D Clear the All Channels DataBase and Re-Scan! :thumbsup:

prob the software is remembering the details of the transmitter from a database which is now out of date
, with media portal i had to not use the caldbeck transmitter setting and set it to just UK and then it picked everything up

Original Poster

Thanks for your help peeps...

Will give it another go when I get a chance..

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