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LocalFound 21st Apr 2017
Ello Hukds

Ive been having trouble with my internet it's the 50mb one. at random hours it keeps disconnecting (dropping connection). and after 7pm if more than 2 people are using the Wi-Fi I can hardly load a webpage let alone use my fire stick. phoned virgin media I explained to them that I'm having internet problems and there response was from our end it's all working fine try restarting your router etc. where do I stand. i have screenshots of internet speed test at certain times it starts going a bit dogey.
can anyone of you give me advise.

any help is highly appreciated.
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User internet speed tests are reasonably irrelevant due to potential local (user) network performance issues. You would need to be able to show VM your router connection stats as a minimum to carry any credibility, but VM can probably already see that info. So first obtain that info from the router config pages.
Call them again & demand that they send one of there engineers out to you asap, & make sure when you phone them that you demand money for poor internet service, that's what I did coz I had the same problem as you & they gave me a discount on my next bill.
I had a similar problem few years ago. Kept ringing them and as per Andy demanded money back. Eventually traced it down to some local problem. With mine I had to reboot several times a day. Keep at it do not be disheartened.
I had this all the time on virgin. When it slows down reboot the router and it'll speed back up. Also ring them every time or they won't take it seriously, the last conversation I had with them they said I should ring everyone it happened which was 2/3 times a day. They never actually fixed the issue with mine so I'm no longer a customer. The engineer will simply replace the router and it probably won't fix the problem.
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Had similar when downgrading to 50mb but none when going back to 100 mb.
Problem never got fixed at all but had no other fibre deals in my area to switch to.
Power off router for 30+ mins. Hour is best as that will automatically assign you a new ip address. It's been known to fix slow Internet. If that fails it could be the wifi failure so phone them again
My sony smart tv kept displaying a message that it had lost internet connection only for, 5 seconds later, it to then display a message saying it was then connected to the internet. I could only trace the problem back to the virgin router doohickey. I tried the easiest thing I could think of and put the router on a windowsill, rather than where it was, on the floor. This seems to have cured the intermittent "outage". Maybe it's worth a try as first port of call?
Had this trouble in two separate houses with virgin, rang them up countless times, they never fixed it so I left for sky
I would say its the speed thats the problem. I think they try to get you to have the faster speeds and then make the slower ones really bad to make you upgrade. I do think that these days with so many things connected to wifi, that the 50mb one won't be too good. I don't have a problem with virgin but we've got the fast speed and so many things connected Ive lost count, plus a teenager with gadgets!
Download the free version of inSSIDer on pc and see which WiFi channel is least congested. Leave it running so you can see any spikes at the time of disconnects. I would change the channel in router settings, manually set a password and plug a computer in via an ethernet cable and run a speedtest to see if a wired connection is effected at the problem times.
Reset your router to factory settings.
upgrade firmware on it.
do you use vm tv? check for strength of signals on tv box.
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