Posted 22nd Oct 2020
Hey everyone not sure if hukd is still the place to ask these questions but here goes...
I recently picked up a voxi sim with the £35 unlimited plan to go in a dongle tethered to a router and ultimately to replace my rubbish home broadband.
Activated and paid for the plan yesterday on my xiaomi redmi note 5 all working fine getting 4 bars LTE (4G signal) 35mbps download and 30mbps upload according to speedtest.
Great i thought so popped the sim in to my unlocked huawei E8372 dongle, entered the voxi/vodafone apn but getting no signal. Tried all over the house and outside, even went 25 miles (with a battery pack) to town just to make sure and still no signal. Just a constant red light and when performing a manual search on the dongle it lists every network other than vodafone/voxi.
Popped the sim back in my phone just now its still showing a solid 4 bars. I just dont understand.
Bare in mind every other network works fine in this dongle i've had a smarty sim in there for the past year. O2 and EE recently no issues with any of them its just voxi/vodafone that refuses to work.
I know its a longshot but does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? I'm debating buying a specific vodafone locked dongle to test but these things arent cheap.
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