Help!!! wall covering for bathroom

hiya, i need some info on wall coverings for new bathroom, i want the waterproof pannel type things that u can get in different colours,i want to know what they are called and where i can get some for a good price and if anyones used them are they any good and easy to put on? thanks jo x



Try B&Q

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iv looked on line and cant find em as dont know what they are called


Pebble dash :lol:

shower boards try BnQ or some trading estates hope this helps

I have them and they are great just wipe down occassionaly easy to fit as they tongue and groove
shower boards, but not cheap we paid about £ 80 a board a coupla years ago. try for a sale

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just had a look at the pvc cladding and i dont think its that but i like these better now, the one s im talking about are more board type size rather than smaller pannels x thanks tho guys x

This the sort of things you're looking for?

Large range of them here:



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This the sort of things you're looking for?Large range of them … This the sort of things you're looking for?Large range of them here:]

yep just like that!! it seems there s loads of different names for them?
thanks for everyones help x jo

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and they are planks rather than boards too!!
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