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Hello everyone i'm looking to purchase the dell studio 15 laptop 4Gb ram. 320g hard drive, 2.1ghz 2mb cache processor does anyone know where and or how i can get it for less than £503 that's the cheapest with delivery but my spending limit is £480 please help any discount codes or free delivery codes . thanks


i will have a look for you.

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Thank you ,appreciate it xx

You can build a dell laptop with the 2.1 processor, 4gb of ram and a 320gb hard drive for £448.99

Yu can probably get it direct from Dell at that price. Just phone them up and haggle, making it clear that you're going to buy the laptop, and you're either going to buy it from that agent at the discounted rate, or you're going to hang up and buy it from another. Or, you're going to go through and get the discount via cashback. Don't let them persuade you. They either conform to your terms, or someone else gets the sale.

Good luck with it.

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Hey tried to haggle but no use the person i spoke to said she could only give it to me for 499 then she suggested the inspiron which as far as i know are nothing much compared to the studio. also said to her yesterday that i was going to go for another model unless they could knock the price down and she said sorry no can do. what am i doing wrong really really want that laptop. xx
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