Help Wanted- 26" LCD TV

    Hi, am looking to buy 26" LCD TV pref with freeview and a good brand. Its to put in the spare room mainly for the Wii.

    Price up to £300 ish.

    Anyone know of any good deals.



    I'm struggling with this one, there's a Beko, a DigiFusion, An Acer and an Acoustic Solutions all under £300.


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    I think I may up it to £350 as I have seen a samsung one for this price (reduced £200). As I already have a larger version of this in my living room since they first came out and have had no problems with it in may be a better option.

    Does it have to be a 26 inch? Richer Sounds have a 32 inch Hitachi L32H01 for £349.99 (in store only though)


    If it has to be 26 definately go for the Samsung, I can't find anything as good for £350.

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    32 will be too big I think.

    Thanks for your help though.


    £299 Phillips, surprised Barneydog missed … £299 Phillips, surprised Barneydog missed it]

    I didn't miss it, it has no Freeview
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