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    Hi...son has decided he wants a new mobile phone for his 18th...and as im so old and out of touch..( i dont think i am) i need to find a brill phone which plays and holds loads of music and with a good camera... so i would be greatful if anyone could suggest phones pref on o2 ( we live in the sticks and best one for signal) and also where best place to buy it is...thank you all again



    What kind of mobiles are you after

    you looking for contract or pay as you go phone

    why not get him one of the new iphones from carphone warehouse or O2?

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    mr miagi;2620303

    you looking for contract or pay as you go phone

    pay as you go..thanks

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    What kind of mobiles are you after

    i dont have any phone is a brick....bu hes gonna be 18 and if i get the wrong one he will be mortified


    Try the below


    You can only buy 2 pay as you go phones every 6 months
    I think they were doing a free bluetooth headset but you might have to call them to confirm the status of that

    nokia 6300 are decent phones.go to your nearest o2 shop n explain what your looking for.they will help you out

    what sort of price are you willing to pay as they range massively on pay as you go?

    N95 has a good camera and will hold alot of music with a memory card. (Or get the N95 8GB which has the memory built in)

    Go for the Nokia 6500 Slide really good phone, very attractive, can expand memory to hold more music, very, very good camera!

    It should cost about £150ish

    u can get a nokia 6120 on 3 network for £15 a month which has got a 2meg camera n will take a memory card which will cost about £7 n hold loads of stuff or theres another nokia with a free 4gig card which sounds great, if u go thru quidco u will get £32 back and u can get these phones on a 6month cotract , which i dont think anybody else is doing , also when it comes to the end of your contract 3 seem to do alot to keep you. i just got a free phone on the 500vtt for £5 per month (300mins 150text 25video 25multi-media plus £5 downloads) on a12month contract ............brill

    Personally I think I would go for the c902 but it will be expensive without a contract. But then any phone that would be any good for music would be expensive. The c902 would need an 8GB memory card for maximum music storage. I don't know how easily pleased kids are these days. When I was young I was happy with a cheap walkman and a couple of tapes. Now though the amount of memory phones give for music is ludicrously low. When you can get an MP3 player that will store everything you own then having only 1GB of memory is annoying.

    Having said that I am currently using a Sony ericsson W880 with a 1GB memory card and I suppose I have maybe ten albums on there and a collection of about 2 dozen java games and there is still room for photos. It is also about £130 cheaper than the c902 on pay & go. It is just over £100. I think that is roughly the ball park I would spend myself. It is a year and a half old but even though I would like something better nothing I have seen tempts me as there is so little real innovation.

    I have been tempted by the Nokia N95 8GB It is a good allrounder with lots of functions but it is unfortunately very clunky where the Sony ericssons are quite smooth, especially these two models. I am also not sure the nokia is as sturdy either, that two way slider looks like it is easily damaged. I prefer my phones in a candy bar style but what do I know, I'm over thirty.

    If you go looking yourself it is probably not necessary to worry unduly about getting 3G because that really only comes into its own if you are using the web and I would've thought this would be so prohibitively expensive without a contract that your son wouldn't do it enough to notice the lack of it. I have 3G and find in Cheltenham it is a little erratic. It works in the park and a couple of pubs but else where it is off and on constantly, however I am not o2 so maybe they have better coverage. I would say the most important thing to look out for is memory, if not a large built in memory then get something that is expandable with a card. This will be best for someone interested in listening to music. Of course the main problem with kids is they want the very best they can get and this could be expensive.
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