help wanted. ipod

    would like an ipod for my car i've got an adapter in my glove box. just looking for a cheap one. anyone know any deals or any advice

    cheers neil

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    Can your adaptor be used for any mp3 player or just an iPod?

    If just an iPod, then you'll need to find out what models it was designed for.

    If any then the big choice you have to make is between the type with a Hard Drive or the Solid State type player.

    Hard Drive mp3 players allow you to store much more music, but are prone to breaking down if they get bashed around too much.

    Solid State mp3 players can sustain more bashing, but won't hold as much. As soon as you get over the 4GB sized players, they also become more expensive.

    I don't know anything about the cheaper range models, but if you are after a better quality one, but cheaper than the usual prices, then you could always try a refurbished model from ]Creative (I recommend their Zen V, Zen V Plus or Zen Vision:M).
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