Help Wanted: London-Newcastle + Newcastle-Edinburgh


    I am planning my holiday, but I have troubles finding cheap fares for
    - London-Newcastle on 08/08/08 (LOL!)
    - Newcastle-Edinburgh on 13/08/08

    Cheapest I found is like £15 per person per leg, by bus...

    Any better deal?
    Is there anyone from Newcastle with good advices?

    Thanks in advance,


    Think thats the best.

    Have a look at the ]megabus website...

    London-Newcastle on 08/08/08 - £11 is the cheapest I can find by bus
    Newcastle-Edinburgh on 13/08/08 - £6.50, cheapest by bus...


    £7 funfare available lon-new 8/8/2008

    Original Poster

    Thanks, rep added
    But I forgot to tell that i was looking for a travel by night for london-newcastle. Or by train on the 9th.

    And for newcastle-edinburgh, megabus is way too early (leaving at 5.40 am) or a little late (leaving a 15.40)! Any other idea?


    London - Newcastle 7/08/2008 11:30 pm = £7 funfare.:thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    London - Newcastle 7/08/2008 11:30 pm = £7 funfare.:thumbsup:

    Thanks, but my girlfriend has to work on the 8th ;-)
    I think I will go for the08/08 11.30 pm for £12.

    aScottishBloke;2616734£7 funfare available lon-new …£7 funfare available lon-new 8/8/2008


    Raileasy Newcastle to Edinburgh £11.50…ain
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