Help wanted nokia 5800

    Hi back in august i brought a nokia 5800 from a member off here, i've had no problems with it until recently.
    When the phone is locked or i get a message and i go to unlock or look at my message my phone crashs and the screen goes all funny after a while it does go back to normal, but its very annoying, it doesnt happen every time but is getting more and more often.
    Has anyone got any ideas what i can do or has this happened to them?
    I've got in touch with the seller to find out when and where he got it from to see if its still under warrenty.
    Thing is it was on vodaphone and ive had it unlocked to o2 so would this effect the warrenty if i took it back to the shop.
    I'd be very grateful with any help or advice given
    Thanks in advance


    a simple hard reset might fix the problem. Press & hold the red, green & camera button on start up.. Beford you do this makw sure you back up yor phone because it will delete everythimg.

    Have you tried updating the firmware ?
    It might help, if you haven't got it download the Nokia PC suite from the Nokia UK site and there an option there to update. . .

    sounds like firmware problem as i had a 5800 and it done similar things like this, they are a bit unstable in any case,:oops:
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