help wanted on birthday present

    i need to buy a birthday present for my grandma. She doesn't want bath stuff or smellies as she has loads when you ask her what she wants she says not to bother but i want to get her something.
    i can't think of anything besides the usual stuff and i want to get her something special i want to spend about £50 any ideas please and something unique thats not going to be a waste of money


    Nintendo Wii.

    my grandmother is the same
    what about a nice family portrait

    a pic is the best idea really-or a digi photo frame if you can update it for her if she isnt good with technology!


    my grandmother is the samewhat about a nice family portrait

    I think this is a great idea. My grandparents love piccys of the family. Bought them a Digital photo frame last year and the love it:thumbsup:

    Do a photo book with old pics?

    Get an old pic or just one she likes printed on to something

    defo arrange a family portrait or do a collage with pics of the whole family in. Or make a my family book up for her with pics and family tree, dates of births, weddings etc.


    photo thing sounds good, does she already have a mobile phone? mp3 player?

    She would love a Goodsphere, be great for her health and wellbeing too, you can get the other makes now I know there are some on ebay (some shops) that do 2 for £49.95, I have one in 3 rooms and they save a fortune on air freshners and the sandalwood oil is amazing, if you want to know the company I bought my 2 for £49 p.m. me and I will get back to you

    Its the best preent I have ever given my mum (so she says)

    How old is she?
    Ask your other grandma for ideas?
    Ask someone else the same age/similar to your grandma?
    What does she like doing?

    What about a nice meal out and some flowers:)

    Theatre tickets??

    Original Poster

    thanks for all the ideas i think i'll do a photo book and then ask the rest of the family to put together and get her a nintendo wii couldn't get her off ours on sunday.
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