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Found 12th May 2010
Hi everyone,
Just wondering if any of you PC types know of any good deals for PC's atm. I used to be pretty knowledgeable back in the day about PC's but at present I am not really too sure what to look for and am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of choice.

If I could get some help on possible deals, or at least recommendations for components. For example, I used to know the best graphics card to get but now they come with a vairety of outputs and sometimes requires extra fans/power supplies.

Ideally looking for below components for use with CAD, 3D Modelling Software and Gaming:
Blu Ray - Read and Write preferred, although potentially can bought separately
Quad Core - What is a good processor relative to price? preferably higher end.
6/8GB RAM - Have heard that some computers don't recognise/respond to RAM above a certain level if other components are not up to scratch
1GB graphics card - Is there many better, graphics cards are a lot cheaper now than they used to be
Windows 7 - Presume Home is ok, Professional doesnt appear to do anything needed for everyday/gaming use.
Software - None needed particularly
Hard Drive - Am using external hard drives so doesn't need to be huge, maybe 500gb (or 1tb if relative price is comparable)
Screen - Full HD, looking to buy 2 so doesn't necessarily have to come with package

Have been loking at Dell deals as a starting point:

My mouse is hovering over rep button for any assistance provided

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[url]www.pcspecalist.com[/url] are good for that sort of thing also [url]www.overclockers.co.uk[/url]

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[url]www.pcspecalist.com[/url] are good for that sort of thing also … [url]www.pcspecalist.com[/url] are good for that sort of thing also [url]www.overclockers.co.uk[/url]

Cheers for the links, you ever used overclockers?

no but know someone who has and they don't have a bad word to say about them
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