Help Wanted - Portable DVD Player with DIVX

    I need to find a reasonably priced portable DVD player for my daughter. Must be DIVX/XVID compatible. Also, ideally available at a High Street shop.

    A big ask at this time of year but any help and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi, I am not sure how much you want to pay... but I bought the LG DP271 7in Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player (from Argos) for around £95 and I think its great.

    Plays DivX very well and the resultant images are very good quality. It also has a USB input (which sold it for me). There are cheaper models, but for me you get what you pay for....…271

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    [SIZE=4]Many thanks for your help Darkstomper. I reserved one at Argos last night and picked it up this morning. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]Merry Christmas :santa:[/SIZE]
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