Help wanted think I have been robbed by

    No one else to ask realy, if anyone can give me some advice please?

    I was looking for an Archos 605 80gb and in the UK they are £250-£300 more than I can afford. I read a post about the same subject and one post said try and that friends had used ok.

    Problem is I put in an order, paid through CC with paypal and all seemed fine, order showed as in progress and would be sent, but when I contacted the seller they said in very nonsece English they had no order or money.

    I have reported to paypal, sent emails to dhgate and seller but not getting anywhere. Knowing paypal are bad with helping people in this situation (had £400 stolen through them 2 years ago) I would be greatfull if anyone can spare the time to advise me? because I realy can't afford to have £140 stolen.

    Thanks for any help. :thumbsup:


    Do you have an order receipt? At the very least you will have an e-mail receipt from Paypal showing that money has been sent and giving the reference number etc..

    contact your credit card provider, some have schemes which help you reclaim money

    Wrong Forum.
    Contact your Credit Card. Let them sort it if Paypal are messing you about.

    Paypal arn't much help but i have had 2 disputes and got my money back both times. Is your credit card insured for online purchases? Most are.

    I would report it to the police, you will probably need a crime number for the CC company if its covered anyway.

    Paypal can take a while to get your money back. I waited months once, thought it was all forgotten about and then i got an email saying i got the refund?

    if you paid with a credit card you will get your money back if paypal dont just file a chargeback with your cc company

    File a PayPal dispute and chargeback with cc.

    Double check your PayPal acct obviously to make sure the money has gone out (just in case).


    Credit card company is the way to go...they have full insurance to cover this

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    Many thanks guys.
    Sorry for getting wrong forum.
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