Help wanted to look for an art print by Kandinsky

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Found 27th Mar 2008
Hi guys. I am trying to find an art print of a picture by an artist called Kandinsky and it is called Several Circles.

I have looked everywhere!! Anyone know where this can be found!?


Is this the one ?

wooh, i can't seem to find it either
when i worked in a shop that sold prints they had a book (bible) of images they can order in for you...
I don't know if it's just an east anglian store but theres some in norwich and cambridge!
hope this helped!

There is one called Quadrate Concentric Circles on ebay.

i think kandindsky's most famous piece was his colour study

BIO of the Great Master: Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian-born artist, one of the first creators of pure abstraction in modern painting. His forms evolved from fluid and organic to geometric. Now considered to be the founder of abstract art, his work was exhibited throughout Europe from 1903 onwards, and often caused controversy among the public, the art critics, and his contemporaries. His reputation became firmly established in the United States through numerous exhibitions. Some of his greatest works are: "Abstract on White", "Yellow-Red-Blue", "Abstract Red Composition", "Composition Circle", and "Abstract Levels". Kandinsky continued painting almost until his death in 1944. His unrelenting quest for new forms which carried him to the very extremes of geometric abstraction have provided us with an unparalleled collection of abstract art.


Check these out on ebay this is what you want :thumbsup:

You could always try e-mailing the Guggenheim Licencing Dept at [email protected] as they handle agreements to reproduce & market products related to the works that they hold.
They may be able to advise you on who (if anyone) currently produces &/or sells prints of "Several Circles".

It may be that their image archive section might also be worth a shot....

Please note that requests to use stock photography for noncommercial … Please note that requests to use stock photography for noncommercial purposes are handled by the Guggenheim's Photography and Permissions Department and may be directed to [email protected] or fax number 212 586 0785. Examples of noncommercial use are reproductions in editorial, scholarly, or trade publications, or use in posters, postcards, and other paper supports sold by exhibition venues.


i think kandindsky's most famous piece was his colour study

Ive got this picture I bought it from Ikea a couple of years ago but Im sure they still sell it
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