Help Wanted: W350i

    Hey, i recently bought a W350i and its been working great. I got a 4gb m2 card today plopped it in and transferred over roughly 300 songs. Its now extremely slow, and making it seem not worth it. Is there any firmware upgrade to fix the problem? any tips?

    Any help, much appreciated


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    Pleeeease someone LOL...just checked plays website and they even have the w350i down as compatible with 4gb

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    Desperate now =[, have that lovely stuff called REP =D

    the bigger the memory crd the more chance the phone speed willl decrease but if them 300 songs total 1.9GB then the 2 GB Card will be equally if not more slower :thumbsup:

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    totals 1.6gb with all the songs

    made a playlist with only my favourites seems to have sped it up quite a bit.

    seems okay at the moment
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