HELP WANTED, where can I get a replacement keyboard for an Advent 4213 netbook?

    Ive only had this a few months but ive managed to break 2 keys off, they are so flimsy that theres no way I can glue them back on. I phoned PC World where I bought it and they said they would have to send it away, so I would have to wipe everything and save all my data, and if they thought it was accidental damage and not manufacturers then they would return it as it was. I said couldnt I just buy a new keyboard but they dont stock that part, Ive searched the net but cant find a replacement anywhere, I can still use it but it just looks bad with 2 keys missing. I must admit though I wouldnt be without it now as its a great little machine I just wish there was a bit more support. Any help would be very gratefully recieved.


    The first step is to work out what laptop you actually have as Advent just rebadge existing ones - looking at this thread it's an ECS:…005

    That may make it easier to find replacement parts.


    You could probably glue the keys back on with epoxy putty. it goes on like blue tak and then sets solid in 10 - 20 minutes.

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    thanks have left you both some rep, ive never heard of exoxy putty, it might just do the trick, any idea where I can get it? and I'll try that other site, thanks again for the help

    if you send you laptop in to the work shop we will fix it for missing keys, i work in the laptop workshop for pc world and currys, and keys missing it is easyer for us to fit new keys to stop the customer moning and sending it back in,

    my adveice send it in and it will be fixed,

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    thanks davism, only thing is i have to back everything up before i send it which is a bit of a pain, if i can get a replacement keyboard all id have to do is swap it, which would be so much easier, i dont surpose you know where i can get one from? thanks for your help

    no dont no where u can get a keyboard from, just wright a note a stick it on the laptop saying in big wrighting please do not delete data just repair keyboard thanks, we do not delete data unless there is a problem with hdd, but if only missing keys then this will be fixed and sent back in 20 min
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