help wanted with micro sd to ms pro duo adapter

    ii just received my micro sd to ms pro duo adapter from deal extreme,i bought a 8 gb micro sd card from 7 day shop ,so i put the card in psp to format it but the psp says no memory card inserted i hook the psp to the pc with the usb cable and still cannot format it ,so i put micro sd in a card reader and do a quick format and add all the files from my original psp card to the new micro sd card still cannot recognize the card,any help ive been reading on the internet and people have managed to get these to work ! the psp is using firmware 3.52 M33-4 and its a phat and the micro sd card is working fine when not in the psp ,


    Can you provide links to what you have purchased?


    Those adaptors are a bit hit and miss with 8GB cards.

    The ones they sold a few months ago work fine, but the ones they send out now are a bit rubbish.
    I had to send 3 back the other week. I got them to send these ones:


    The cost difference is minimal($0.50), and they work perfectly.

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    Thanks for that i`ll order 1 of them then so it will definitely work?


    Thanks for that i`ll order 1 of them then so it will definitely work?

    I have had about 10, and 8 more on the way, and not had one that didn't work.

    You can return the one you have. I told them that it worked intermittently, and sent it back.
    It will work fine with a 4GB Micro SD card, but not really worth having as a 4GB Pro Duo is only a tenner anyway.

    I'm not sure if you are accustomed to their returns policy, but they will send you a new one as soon as you have sent them a J-Peg of the receipt from the Post Office of when you returned it to them.

    There returns process is a bit cumbersome, but have always come through for me.

    I received my adapter today from DX, the same one the OP linked to (even bought the same SDHC card he links to).

    The adapter I received is *apparently* Kingston branded and the card was recognized after a format in the PSP. Will report back after moving some content onto it.

    Works well residing in both my camera and PSP. PSP a bit slow to open video folder, but fine on playback. Games fine (including a PS1 game stored on the SDHC card)
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