Help wanted with request for donations for raffle prizes

Found 6th Nov 2011
Hi I am hoping someone out there may be able to advise me of successful responses from companies when requesting donations for raffle prizes. Do you come straight to the point e.g.Thorntons - can you please provide a chocolate hamper or more general letter???
Im really struggling, had a look at a number of sites with information but not much to go on.
It is for a Charity fundraising night my son is organising to suuport Orphans in Uganda.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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I don't think you should be specific about what you want. Just explain what you are fundraising for and you would appreciate any help they can give you.
Alot of companies have allocated charities that they choose to help and won't consider requests from others.
I found that going around local companies and shops was far more successful. Try pubs,florists,local attractions etc too and most importantly don't forget to let them know how your event went and how much you raised and to say thanks for their help
Best of luck
also if you go down local route state it will give them some publicity for donating items.
You may be too late for the bigger companies ie Tesco, Asda.But still try. They have a community section where they will donate items. Put your request on headed notepaper too. Try the BBC, I received a set of EastEnders cast autographed pics to raffle, also your local football team. Good luck!
you can always write to premiership football teams / rugby teams if you send the same email/letter to everyone you might get lucky??

i did a sports raffle a few years ago in aid of a military charity and i got LOADS of stuff from signed shirts and balls to pictures mugs scarfs etc ... went really well

all they can do is say no.... doesn't hurt to try
Bear in mind a lot of companies hide behind the charities they support. Mine for instance wont help anyone out locally due to supporting wateraid, so if you get knockbacks don't take it too hard.
As suggested approach local companies, local shops and services such as cleaning companies, valet services etc, ask your local radio station if they can put a request out for items, good luck
Yeah write letters to local companies with a charity number, even swimming pools etc as they give family tickets, companies now do have a nominated charity (Thorntons is NSPCC), so your best bet is the local places.

Good luck
Many thanks everyone for your help and support. I am now on a MISSION X)
as above ask everyone dont get disheartened with knockbacks good luck and well done your son for doing such a nice thing

as above ask everyone dont get disheartened with knockbacks good luck and … as above ask everyone dont get disheartened with knockbacks good luck and well done your son for doing such a nice thing

Who are you and what have you done with Churchill? oO
Hi everyone just wanted to let you know how things are going... Mcdonalds have offered a Voucher. Lush have already given a beauty box. Awaiting replies from many others. A few knock backs but hey thats life. I will keep trying. Thanks for evryones help.

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