Help - what are these bugs?

Found 22nd Apr
My parents house seems to have these tiny bugs appearing in the furnishings. Can anyone help me figure out what they are and how to get rid of them?

ive looked up bed bugs and I don’t think they look like them, but I’m at a loss as to what they are 2929423-VEkxq.jpg

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I think there called Carpet Beetles Very Common in UK nothing to be alarmed over. Regular Vacuuming and the odd insect spray around Dethlac is a good one.
As above, definitely a carpet beetle
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I'm pretty sure they're pubic lice

as said above it is a form of carpet beetle. They eat materials so you would be wise to get rid of them. See the link above. If you have those you will have the larve which are horrible and freaky looking. Found both In My house in the past. Vacuum a lot and often. They were once on my daughters bed eating her teddies! Horrific looking fuzzy things. Then they turn into the bugs you have so they're must be both around.

Here you can see the larve that like dark places. Hide in clothes, edges of the carpet anywhere where there is materials about. Horrid things they look like they move by vibrating. Yuk
Click here to see pic of larve which will be around also.

Good look with it
ps they arnt harmful to health they just look horrible and eat softfurniture
Thanks all - I’ve started bleaching, vacuuming and carpet cleaning already. Hopefully it should get rid of them
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