HELP what do I buy for a 6/7 year old girl that I hardly know?

    She's the daughter of friends who got divorced and as a result we don't see her often. I don't know what little girls are into as I have 3 boys. Suggestions please. Budget around £10. thank you


    go go hamster obviously!

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    But they're oos aren't they?

    My daughter is 7 and it seems she and most of her friends love High School Musical so i dont think you could go wrong with anything to do with that.

    why dont you ask your friend? Just say you wouldnt want to get her something she may be already getting.....or ask for some ideas, Im sure they will appreciate you dont really know her

    my daughter is 7, and she loves crafty things

    a pony...

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    Thanks guys - I like the pony idea lol but even at 14p a roll for Asda wrapping paper, I still don't think I could wrap it nicely! :santa:

    When I read the first part I thought it was Gary Glitter asking the question
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