Help, What do you call the "Plastic" stuff that you put under Gravel to stop weeds coming up?

Found 11th Jul 2008
I have trolled B&Q website but cant find it, Can any one help?
Thanks In Advance
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Sheet mulch

acctually think thats the one for under plants...
its some sort of 'membrane' ......sorry dont know proper name :-(
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membrane was the word I was looking for . Thanks All :thumbsup:
Technical name - Weed Control Fabric

I call it "Landscape Fabric".


membrane was the word I was looking for . Thanks All :thumbsup:

As long as you don't ask for damp proof membrane, that's an entirely different product.
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Technical name - Weed Control Fabric

Thanks the one EDI, Your a star.... it was driving me mad :whistling:
It's common name is "plastic c-4" it will stop all weeds. :whistling:
Google it.
I put gravel down in my back garden and used a membrane which I got from B&Q it was about 3 years ago so forgot how much I paid for it but it was about one metre width rolls and I think about 25 metre lengths.

Be warned though you wont stop all the weeds but the vast majority will be kept away, my garden gets weeds from the seeds in the bird droppings and it dont help that my garden backs on to a large woods.

And the weeds ONLY have the moisture/rain to allow them to germinate, good luck though well worth doing and if done correctly it will look very nice.
bin bags :oops:
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amanda f;2507709

bin bags :oops:

PMSL.... Pleased someone else uses them too!! but just have garden professionally lanscaped and really wanted it doing properly this tim, we also live with a wood to one side of us and open fileds out the back so get quite a few weeds.
have found this…rue think it will do the job?
weedgaurd £3 + at wilkinson
Yeah thats the stuff.
the proper nylon type material is called my-pex this is the best on the market and costs about £25.00 for a good sized roll.

You should try your local builders merchant and ask for terram,good … You should try your local builders merchant and ask for terram,good stuff,not sure on the price though.

]Terram is excellent for larger areas. I've also used ]Plantex when terram was unavailable.
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weedgaurd £3 + at wilkinson

this stuff looks ok to, think I will have a look tomorrow. thanks to you all for your help :thumbsup:
i have always called it visquine......think thats the right word for it
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