HELP: what is a Tornado Electric dryer like?

    I have a tumble dryer - but don't put my tops, my husbands tops and most of my kids clothes in it as it shrinks them.
    I hang most items up to dry all arount the house hanging everyehre as there are 6 of us!
    Was looking at getting 1 of these tornado electric dryers? but are they just the same as a tumble dryer?
    Has anyone got one ? or does anyone know anything about them?

    any information greatly apreciated


    Hi, I use my tumble on a daily basis and have a hoover nextra 8 with sensor dry. My hubby hated my old one so got this one that is a condenser dryer that guages the dryness of your clothes and has NEVER shrunk anything yet. It's more steam than heat and you can change the settings to cupboard dry, iron, bone.. It really works and takes 8kilos of clothes too. Supposed to save money as you put more in one load. Cant help with the tornado thing but thought I'd share this with you if it can save you money.

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