help what to wear to wedding reception?

    hi im going to a wedding reception soon,have never been to one before what should i wear should it be a dress?


    the porter;4081359

    wear a dress if you have the figure for ,it but if youve put a few pounds … wear a dress if you have the figure for ,it but if youve put a few pounds on over xmas and have a face that would frighten a police horse maybe long trousers a polar neck glasses and an umbrella ;-)

    Lol one with words

    Agree a dress. Went to one a while back and all the gals had dresses on. Younger had tight fitting ones and the older bunch had long skirts and blazer

    Men :w00t:

    Yes, a dress is good, or a smart trouser suit. Hat or fascinator, or not - up to you. Suppose it depends on what style of wedding and time of year. I think as long as you dress smartly you should be fine. But you're not allowed to look better than the bride obviously :thumbsup:

    u can wear what u like!!! at this time of year lots of people wear trousers lol:-D

    Boob tube and a ra-ra skirt! :-D

    A female guest should never wear white (or these days, cream) to an actual wedding. If you're only going to the evening reception, wear whatever you like!

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    yeah only going to the evening do but the venue looks quite posh,other half is wearing a suit so i need to look smart too.
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