Help! Where Can I Buy Christmas Presents From!?!

    I've Been Looking On The Internet For HOURS Now And Can't Really Find Anything Special.

    Any Good Websites For Chrismtas Presents?


    What are you looking to buy?

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    What are you looking to buy?

    That's The Thing
    I Kinda Don't Know.
    Something For The Granparents.

    who are the presents for?


    What are you looking to buy?

    I lold...

    Isn't that why she's here?!

    Another useless post :thinking::w00t:

    I'm afraid , your gonna have to narrow it down a bit .
    There are billions of items on the net , you have to have some idea .

    If it's for a driver about a satnav ?
    a youngster ......................a mp3 player ?
    I think these sort of things are the usual , but who's the presents for ??


    Tomm don't be mean :roll:

    See my point though nikki?! :-D


    anything on there?

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    I'm Looking For Presents For Granparents.

    What about a jumper or some socks from


    Yeh but still - good job I like you

    I thought I was disliked, dayum :-D
    You're cool yourself:thumbsup:


    I'm Looking For Presents For Granparents.£0-£50!

    my parents, who are probably a little older than your grandparents, love gardening and we always buy them stuff they can, chicken manure (i know.....but they think its great! ) seeds, compost etc.
    bought my dad an MP3 player and downloaded his old time CDs onto it.......that was a big hit! Got mum a beauty treatment voucher, she is 76 but your never too old to be pampered!

    you could even get them some sort of mp3 player, if they like technology things.

    Gadgets or boys toys [url][/url]

    I have got lots of my presents from boots, buy 2 get 1 free. There are usually lots of advantage points around so an even bigger saving. They have lots of things for grandparents

    Lovely stuff for the older generation

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    Thanks Everyone
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