Help, Where Can I Get Cheap Frozen Fruit ?????

Found 14th Sep 2009
Im a smoothie addict, and I have been bulk buying my frozen fruit base from Jack Fultons - they have been selling 1 kg of frozen fruit for the amazing price of £1 !!!!

Now I have ran out, and Jack Fulton has stopped selling it, damm.

Everywhere is else is so expensive, these are the places I have tried so far:

Aldi: £1.30 ish for 0.5 kg
Asda: £2.00 ish for 0.8 kg
Lidl: Expensive
Costco: Ridiculously expensive
Iceland: Checked and they didnt sell it

Anyone know where I can stock up at a decent price ?
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I think Farmfoods do it quite cheap if you have one nearby
Great, will give it a shot
jack fultons where bouts i never seen frozen fruit x
I always buy it from Aldi
tesco value frozen fruits £1.00 £1.50
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