Help! Where did my pictures go?

Found 20th Jan 2009
I seem to have clicked on something by mistake and blocked all graphics on HUKDs. It only happens on this computer which is running Vista - HUKDs runs fine on my other computer which runs XP.

It is a real pain as it means I can't "Go to deal" or vote on deals. It also means I can't see a picture of the deal. I have explored the settings to no avail. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

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Do you use ie or firefox? :thumbsup:

Go to your browser's tools and make sure everything to do with images is ticked. You might have to do this in Internet Explorer too (depending on your browser) even if you don't use it. The problem is definitely with this.

You would have accidently right clicked, and clicked block all images from HUKD... ive done this too... just go to tools > options > Content > exceptions... then remove hukd from that list click apply and jobs a gooden

Sorry this is for firefox as most people use it... if you do use IE (internet explorer) then ill give the instructions to that too if you need them...
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