Help Which Light Laptop to Buy

Help Which Lap top computer to buy
1. I am going to buy a laptop computer up to £750 (for wireless broadband, Office Package, films, music, occasional ordinary games, to take on trains and off to University not for photos or video composition and light so not bigger than 14 .5 inches) and have found at John Lewis…spx

Samsung Laptop, Q210, 2GHz with 12.1 Inch Display, 2 GB ram and 120 GB Hard drive
For £488
And the Samsung Laptop, Q310, 2.2GHz with 13.3 Inch Display, 4 GB Ram and 320 GB Hard Drive £680
2. Then I stumbled on PC Specialist Company and this build to order company seems to offer fantastic specifications for laptops and great value for money is it a good company or is it too good to be true.
3. I need a portable laptop not more that 14 inch and not too tiny or I wont be able to type.
Can anyone more expert than me please give me some advice?
Thank you, Yours Aye
Phil1 Edinburgh

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I have a Thinkpad Z60t (a little old now I guess) that is strong, tough with magnesium body and titanium lid. It remains excellent and is very well thought out. I use it a hell of a lot and fly with it (needs to be tough and light with a million other things in a bag), travel with it, open and close it repeatedly. The hinges are metal, very functional and it is very scratch-proof. I have had other laptops that have cracked hinges (Acer, Toshiba - not professional series) and scratched up despite the care I try to give them. I have also bashed it a couple of times (nothing serious) and the hard drive has anti-shock etc. Downside is small and light often means poor battery life, probably an hour and half max using wifi etc. or even if they get hot working and fan is running.

I don't have any experience of the Samsungs but had considered them myself but i doubt they are as tough. However they do look good value for money on paper although reportely the screens are a little dim. I would recommend a 13 or max 14in screen for serious work.

Doesn't quite answer your point but might give you some things to think about. Would be interested in your choice, I expect to be in the market for something new myself in the next few weeks.
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