Help! Which mobile phone?! Clueless!

    Vodafone are going to send me a new phone, following an insured washing machine incident involving my Sony Xperia (which was poo anyway). For the past couple of weeks I've been using the sim in a Tocco Lite, which I'm quite happy with, so the insurance replacement they send me can go on Fleabay, and hopefully cover the rest of the cost of the contract.

    I've been told that because it's a business phone I've got, I can only replace it with the following:

    Any PDA (but he said E72 was the only they had)
    Any Blackberry
    Any HTC phone EXCEPT Rhodium, HD2 or Magic.

    Does anyone know which is most likely to be popular in the next couple of weeks? I've looked at the Vodafone website, and wondered if the Blackbarry Storm 2 would be the best re-seller in terms of value, but also wanted to consider reliabillity as I don't want complaints about it packing in in 6wks time.

    Also, there's no problem selling the replacement, legal-wise or anything, is there?


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    e72 is a phone that was released around 2 weeks ago and the satio if you can get it can sell for around
    £250 - £350
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