Help! Which of these 2 graphics cards?

    My friend needs to replace his dead ATi 9800 AGP 8x with a low-cost graphics card before he buys a new PC in a couple of months. We have come up with 2 alternatives;

    PNY Verto GeForce 7300 GT


    Sapphire ATi Radeon X1650PRO

    Any help or recommendations would be gratefully received, TIA!

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    Thanks so much guilbert!

    out of those two I'd choose the ATI.

    But have a look around. You can still buy excellent performing AGP cards such as the 7900gs and hd3850.

    Depends on your budget and what you want to do with it. The ATI would probably be the better choice, simply because it is more powerful than the 7300GT.

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    Thanks Jazex, seen any offers on those?

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    Thanks Silicon...I can see a consensus forming...

    What OS is he on? If he's on windows 2000 then he might have trouble getting the X1650 working, the only drivers I ever found that worked on mine were the ones provided in the box (mine was the asus version) as none of the ATI drivers seemed to support both 2000 and the X1650.

    I don't know what the situation with the 7300 is.

    How much are you looking to spend?

    found a cheap x1650 here:…942

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    He is on Win XP SP2; drivers OK for that?

    I think he is now looking at £40-45 (all in ie. inc. VAT & Delivery). Good price at Scan and he's up in Cumbria this week so he could pop in and pick it up!

    I see a plan A forming...

    drivers should be fine in xp for that card, good price aswell

    Yeah, I believe the driver support for that chip in windows XP is fine.

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    Thanks for all the help; I'll get it ordered at Scan as I have the free P&P deal...
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