Help - Wights vaporiser - fluid or other similar vaporiser suggestion

Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this - can you please let me know if it is but I have drawn a blank on this and now desperate as my daughter is still quite ill?

I am looking for the liquid to put into the electric wrights vaporiser - this item has been discontinued (despite the fact that those who have used this item will know how good it is) For those not in the know, a vaporiser consists of a base which very gently heats a solid block onto which, each night you need to use it, you pour a measure of some Wrights Vaporiser Fluid which when heated gave off vapours. Refills of fluid and the blocks could be bought from the pharmacist but alas no more hence me searching for the fluid.

Does anyone have any of this or know where I can get this?

Alternatively has anyone used something similar that they can recommend (I do not think the plug in versions of these (similar to the plug in room air fresheners) are very effective.

Yours in desperation.


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