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Found 21st May 2009
Was playing football today and managed to break my Skypephone S1's screen!!!! :@
So Angry as I just bought a BRAND NEW housing for it!!!
Anyways its a black mark across the screen and Someone told me theirs a way to fix it, like peeling of a layer or something. SEE IMAGE Please help, and I will add you rep. Cheers

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If the lcd is cracked it's no good.

If it's not cracked there used to be a like a foam edge to one side of the screens on lcd's i've worked on in the passed, this is where the connection is to the screen. Remove, clean the ribbon and screen edge then reconnect.

Long shot but it may work.

im not expert but i think you broke it.
its a LCD screen, i doubt you can fix it, you'll need a new one.
how much is a new phone?

Too late now i've seen picture I'd say it's a new screen

You'll have to replace the screen. It's not all bad, as a replacement screen should only cost around £20 to £30, and you can fit it yourself in about fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, eBay doesn't seem to have any listed yet, so you're probably going to have to wait a few weeks. Personally, I'd take this time to stick a circular plaster over the damaged area, onto which I'd draw a sad looking face. It won't do anything for the screen, but it'd look kinda cute.

Screen is worth more then the phone!

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If someone has a spare Skypephone lying around I'd be willing to buy the screen. See my thread. Rep added to all. BTW Where can I get a new screen?

There was a code "1PGSKYPE" for £10 off PAYG Skypephone S2 at Three but I don't know if it is still valid.
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