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Found 11th Sep 2008
I would like to set up a camera in house that connects via my wireless router (i.e.) not through my PC, so I can go online and view the camera.

Quality doesn't have to be great, does anyone know where I can get one from cheap?

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Cheap? Not sure you can get Wireless IP Camera's very cheap. The wired versions are quite expensive. amazon.co.uk/ICA…728

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How about this? … How about this? http://www.eurowide-pc.co.uk/edimax-wireless-80211g-camera-p-30534.html

That one looks pretty sweet, wireless would be nice, but a wired one could also be an option.

I am fairly naive to this and am only aware of the concept of this, am I right with this one as an example I just set it up to pair with my router and then that's it? I just log online to view, how would it be powered?

Rep left anyway for your help!

does it have to work?

poundland have dummy ones to fix on ceilings. v. realistic

Can't you use a pc one and leave the pc on?

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Want it in a room with no PC, and it working is a major factor really! Its to monitor kids / nanny from work.

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