Help wiring a new light to a lighting loop!

Found 14th Jul

Replacing the kids bedroom lights first one went fine second one looks to be on a loop. Not sure how to wire safely.2984249-diejb.jpg2984249-BUJ9K.jpg
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Just listen and watch matey boy Here
Looks like a standard loop through ceiling rose. There should be a cable supplying mains from the previous rose (or consumer unit if it is the first light in the circuit), a cable supplying mains from there to the next rose and a cable from the switch, which should have a sleeve on the switch wire , only the last light in the circuit will only have two cables (supply and switch).…cs4
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Just realised your light fitting doesn't have a loop terminal, I would use a 4 terminal junction box in the ceiling wired the same a a ceiling rose and run a single twin and earth cable down to the light.

Don't save money on low quality junction boxes, in my experience the terminals snap off, usually when you are tightening the last wire.
Could I use this i took from the old light 34349495-QKF99.jpg
ashley.purvis1 h, 26 m ago

Could I use this i took from the old light [Image]

No as the contacts are exposed at the bottom so can short out if it touches something
I just used a large terminal block to connect stuff up. Just make sure it can handle the amps. Just make sure you earth it if it has an earth. I opened up my land light to find no earth wire to the metal frame.
Seriously, if you have to ask, you shouldn't be doing it.
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