Help with 360, laser not moving on spindal

    Ive recently fitted a new laser in my 360 drive, the laser works fine but wont move up and down the spindal, any suggestions? ive checked all the cables are in ive dismantled it that many times ive lost count
    ive had the spindal off with the motor, the pins are fine on the ribbon and the solder is all fine ive just ran out of ideas =(


    the motors dry up. you can use silicon grease to lubricate them

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    ok how do i get into the actual motor itself?

    you don't need to. the fault is usually that the spindle itself sticks. you grease the spindle and manually move it a few times and its usually fine. it the motor still won't spin up then the spindle motor will be faulty

    Are you sure the original fault lay with the laser?

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    ye the laser was nackered, the new one works i just cant get it to move up and down the spindal

    just tested another motor/spindal out my old ide drive and it spun, so im guessin the motors nackered

    is there anyone who sells this online?

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    this is what im after if anyones selling one, or knows where i can buy this part

    silly question but do you have the one you replaced, if so then swap the motors over

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    The one i tested out of my ide drive is totally different, its not the same length either

    i meant the one out of the other 360 laser sled. the one you removed when you fitted this one

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    no i only have one, i havnt replaced it, i replaced the laser thats all

    ah right. i thought you'd changed the whole sled.
    when my drive went i changed the whole thing for one from ebay. laser went on that after a week so i changed the whole sled over with my original one.

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    ahh right, ive just bought an whole tray on ebay (including the spindle) *thumbs up* hope this works

    You mean one of these?

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    thats the one, although the twirly bits look wider than mine, is that out of a cd / dvd rom ide?

    Nope it's out of a hitachi 360 drive.

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    Ahh mine was the samsung drive, thats why they look a bit different

    Ive fixed it now, bought one off ebay and its working yay!!! so relieved i dont have to buy a new console, although id love the elite
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