Help with 50th Birthday Presents Please :)

Found 4th Jan 2011
Hi All,
Just wondered if you could give me any help with my mums birthday pressies. She's 50 in May and i'd love to spoil her... I was thinking of 50 small pressies... or maybe treating her to a show / concert but just wondered if anyone had any other ideas or what they did for their families?
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Luxory spa day for her and a friend.
I would go for the show option myself (poss with hotel) as buying 50 small presents will no doubt involve all of them being tat and not particularly special.
would may be nice would be to see if you could get her you local paper for the day she was born?
Thanks very much. Didn't think of the spa and think she would like that and yea I agree about the 50 presents actually especially since i've just thrown loads of things away myself!
Thanks Disco, i'll see if I can do that, would be nice to keep... do you know of any places that do this from experience? I'll have a search on Google
Go for memeries rather than gifts, as at fifty she probably has all the stuff that she needs and wants
Do a photo collage of some nice family photos and put it in a nice frame?
Thanks Meister, that's a great idea... will have to dig them all out now!!
Wots she into? For my mum i paid for her and my dad to go to a show in glasgow and stay overnight at the plazza it was the elvis thing with all the original band members( she is a huge elvis fan) and as a bonus the band was staying at the plazza so she got to meet them! She was over the moon!

She also into gardening so she got a new bench and stone bird garden which she loved. For my grans birthday we got a photography session for her with all the family and she got a huge framed pic which was really nice! I agree with other posters memories is the best route to go x
Thanks Jakki, i'm going to look into the show and then maybe try get them an overnight stay, I might actually combine with my dad. Thanks very much x
An electric blanket?

seriously though I have nothing constructive to add, GL
my mum is 60 soon and me and my brother and sister took our children to a photo studio and had their photos done and we are having it printed onto a canvas wrap for her this is what she wants so we know she will like it! my partners mum was 50 last year though and we did the collage for her using old and new pics and she loved that too! hope you find something nice! x
Katiem - you could try you're local press for starters. For the Daily Sport, PM me for a number ;-)

PS: that was a joke! Local press should be able to help, if not will know someone who can. GL

would may be nice would be to see if you could get her you local paper … would may be nice would be to see if you could get her you local paper for the day she was born?

great idea
Depends what she's into. If she like TV shows like this for example…290

Also I got restraunte vouchers and packed my mum and dad off for a slap up meal in town (at a choice of restraunts)

They are going to the theather next wee and going for a meal first (sister got the theatre tickets)

(apologies if my spelling is terrible)
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