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Found 30th Apr 2010
Hi, Right i need some help with a computer issue.
I logged off as normal last night and shutdown and this morning logged back on and all settings are gone.
No desktop picture. All settings have gone all my documents seem to be still there but everything has changed. I have done nothing to the computer.

any ideas from any computer guru's out there.

The computer is saying that i am logged on on a temp profile. But i have looked at switching users and its still me thats logged on.
Dont get it.



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Have you tried restarting. It should sort it out.

If that does not wrk run a check disk

If that doesnt work do a system restore and your profile may be corrupt

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oh yes i have done that about three times now. First time it decided to update windows.
I am running vista home premium if thats any help to anyone.
Yeah i was hoping reboot would fix.. no chance. thanks though.

As above. I had Win7 with same prob. Reboot got it going for me

But try the check disk if not system restore should do the trick

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i am trying to find a restore point but cant find a thing. its all driving me mad..
it like having ya right arm cut off. hahaha

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right fingers crossed. I am going to try and restore point in march.
see what happens. well it cant get any worse . right??

so ill be logged off for a while..

Well just to be sure create a restore point 1st and backup important docz then i would give it a go

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right im back.. no difference at all all settings still not there. no background pic. and its really slow.
when it rebooted after restore it crashed again and rebooted itself again. now its moaning about wanting service pack 1.. so i am installing that now. hope it fixes whatever its moaning about. still no settings though.

Sorry just typed a pretty long soluuion but stupid website said not logged in and lost it all so here's a cut down version. Sounds like a corrupt profile usually caused by faulty h/w or improper shutdown.

Stop installing stuff! Determine the problem first;-)

From device manager find make of HDD, go to manufacturer's web site and download their disk check (check for hard errors)

Download and run memtest. Hopefully hdd and memory is ok. So now we need to get away from the corrupt profile, read through first:

create new user from manage accounts
log in as THE administrator account
Open Documents, click tools, click Folder Options. Click View tab, click Show hidden files and folders, clear the Hide protected operating system files check box, click OK.

Copy everything from inside of C:\Users\Old_User folder, (your current broken account) EXCEPT Ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log & Ntuser.ini to C:\Users\New_User (the account you just created) Log off, and then log back on as the new user.

Hopefully most should be restored, if not you've just about done as much as you can. If your background picture is still lost they are usually stored at c:\windows\web\wallpaper. Check functionality, delete old account or just leave it. Always use new account from now on.

If you've forgotten the admin account then you need to create another account as a temporary log in so you aren't using either account you are copying from-to. ie
acc1 - broken
acc2 - what you want to use instead
acc3 - temporary log in account

log in as acc3 copy files from acc1 to acc2

good luck

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right.. well back online and still no better.
I have found the device name and have googled it.. found not alot on disk checks yet, still looking.

ST960821AS ATA device
thats all i can find.
the computer is still playing up and logs me on every time with a temp profile. temp user.

this is driving me nuts. i am not a computer guru so please be gentle.


managed to download seagates seatools and checking drives now.
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