Help with a ebay turbo lister question of short

I was just wondering if you guys could help me out with this quesiton.My friend who isnt very good with ebay wnats to start selling on her account and ask me to list things on her ebay account for her but i dont want ebay to get funny if i start listing it on my ISP address so it affects my account. So is there a way that i could do all the listings on my computer in turbo lister and then save it on USB drive or send the saved listings via email to her computer so she could save it to her turbo lister open them up and list them straight onto her ebay account via her ISP address?Hopefully i havent confused too many people/.


Have you tried emailing your Turbo Lister backup ?

Another option is to use an offline lister like [url][/url]. The advantage of this is that you can post extra pics in an auction without incurring the costs.

you're allowed as many ebay accounts as you want/need as long as you dont "schill" bid on each others listings there are no problems
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