Help with a Magic Eye!

    we recently had sky hd fitted, and the engineer fitted a 'magic eye' for the tv upstairs.(at a cost of £20)
    The hd box went wrong after 1 day, so we have just had another box fitted.
    Now, the magic eye upstairs will not work. Would having the new box afect the magic eye and it's settings?
    How do I set it up again or do I need to ring sky? I'm not sure if it was fitted legit, or whether the engineer was making a bit of cash on the side!


    you need to enable the magic eye (RF Outlet Power supply - ON) on the secret settings menu on your new box!

    On mine it was PRESS:- Services - 4 - 0 - 1 - SELECT

    or New EPG is Services - 0 - 0 - 1 - Select

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    All wires are in and it is plugged in
    What does new epg mean?
    i'm worried about changing the settings in case i mess someting else up!

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    The new TV guide.


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    Sorry, i'm a bit thick!
    What is the new tv guide?
    is it something on the tv or a magazine???

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    How would i know if we have it?




    Electronic Programme Guide:thumbsup:

    Some people only know short speak,



    TBH I'm getting bored now, why would a paper tv guide effect a setting on … TBH I'm getting bored now, why would a paper tv guide effect a setting on your sky box, seriously?

    Ha ha you can't help them all
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