Help with a puzzle

    This puzzle has had me beaten for several weeks, so I thought I'd try the clever folk on here.
    The theme is "Find the famous William".
    There are 2 pictures as a clue eg a shivering man and then a spear thus Wiliam Shakespeare.
    The one I am stuck with is a picture of an iced cupcake with a cherry on the top and then a picture of a rip or tear or hole in fabric.
    I've never heard of William cakehole so anyone have any idea what the answer might be?


    billy bun tear?


    Edited by: "melipona" 12th Jan 2011

    william ???? frays

    william greggs?

    Original Poster


    billy bun tear?bunter

    YOU ARE A GENIUS!! I've puzzled over William Buntear - but didn't spot that it was Billy Bunter.
    Many, many thanks - we shall all sleep well tonight now!!

    you mean william greggs wasnt correct?

    LOl at

    william cakehole

    That well known star of goatse pictures
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