Found 21st Nov 2008
Anyone know what brands these logos are from?

see post 1

see post 4 for full quiz

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last one is innocent smoothies.c'mon share the comp!!

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first is BOSCH
secod is SPEEDO

a = ELC
b = Total (?)
c = Alfa Romeo
d = Pizz Hut
e = MSN
g = Barclays
h = P & O
j = Quantas (?)
l = BT (internet side of the business?)
m = Dominoes Pizza
n = Kit Kat
p = BP

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a = ELCb = Total (?)c = Alfa Romeod = Pizz Hute = MSNg = Barclaysh = P & … a = ELCb = Total (?)c = Alfa Romeod = Pizz Hute = MSNg = Barclaysh = P & Oj = Quantas (?)l = BT (internet side of the business?)m = Dominoes Pizzan = Kit Katp = BP

you got b wrong
i think scoward is right with j (speedo)
i am just stuck with K

you got b wrong

Thought I might have, hence the question mark after my answer.

im sure b is something do do with clothing or shoes, like boots.

b = Berghaus

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b = Berghaus

thats the one

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i was thinking k might have something to do with an energy company

o ffs lool person got there b4!! haha!

i thought it was something to do with a holiday company actually (k)

what country is that flag??

What about f? Looks like part of the Skoda badge, but I think it's something else...

F= sony ericsson logo

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abnybody else get what K is?

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Is J speedo?


Not got K yet?

Thats what I though Airline or Cruise company, can't see it though through google images
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