Help with a Shed / Vehicle Alarm System

    I'm moving in with my girlfriend who lives in the city centre, She has a small garden that i'm going to put a shed into and i'll be parking within 50m of the house. Is there any alarm system that I can get that will call my mobile of anyone is breaking into either? Probably willing to spend £200-£300 on this, Anyone any ideas

    Many thanks people.


    I saw a system at the weekend at maplin that is a steering wheel lock that incorporates a siren and pager . The pager is similar to a walki-talki handset and it looked OK . Actually I was going to buy it as it was only £49.99 and is alot cheaper than the £200-£300 your wanting to spend .

    Dont know how hi-tech you want or what sort of alarm you want, but if the range is okay how about a baby monitor? just a thought
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