Help with a tablet that takes a sim?!?

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Hi guys

just wanted to throw a question to all tech savy folks on HUKD, going to stay in a caravan for a week with the fam and was hoping to purchase a tablet that i could combine witha three network all you can eat sim. Will mostly be used to watch Netflix as im sure the famous british weather will end any dreams of getting to the beach. So what do you guys recommend please. TI
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Cant you pair your mobile, and make a WiFi hotspot. Why not just borrow one from Argos
The 3 sim gives you 30gb of tethering but watching Netflix dosent effect your data usage, thanks for the reply though, worst case scenario ill have to tethe
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 32GB 8.9'' (2013), Unlocked A from CEX £100.

Reasonable screen size, good sound and a fantastic picture quality. (with a 2 yr guarantee from CEX)

The HDX hasn't got the apps and flexibility of true Android, but for Netflix its spot on. Can also cable to TV if needed.
Thank you, just to double check, can this take a sim card please
If you can possibly check network signal strength of where you are going beforehand would be helpful as I had the same idea as this couple years back and my EE SIM struggled for signal
I bought a MiFI (Osprey Mini 2) from CEX for <£20 and paired it with an EE data sim.
There are very few cheap tablets with 4G these days - I have an old Samsung Tab 2 with a 3G SIM slot but that is around 5yo. If you want newish you might be forced down the iPad route. (A quick look at Currys shows an Archos 10" with 3G and the only 4G are iPads).
Sorry missed your Post, - yes I have a 24GB Three data sim and it works great. Screen quality on par with my Samsung Tab s 10.5
emmar200712 h, 8 m ago

Thank you, just to double check, can this take a sim card please

The problem with using a phone as a hot spot is that you cannot control how much data the connected devices use. They just see it as a WiFi connection and use lots of data. If you have the sim in the device you generally have much more control. This is definitely true for IOS and, I guess, is the same for Android.
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