help with a title of a stone roses song

    sorry really not much to give you but i heard it on radio one the other day and they were talking about the words in the verus all start with the same letters of something, its a slow mellow song, and i'm sure somewhere it has everyone a reason, or everyone a reason...

    any clues, just tried looking up some lyrics and i dot know what album to start with



    i wanna be adored?…8-1

    scroll down and you can getapreviewof each song

    EDIT just read what you wrote.... probably F E A R by Ian brown All the lyrics start with those4 letters. very cool song

    For Everyone A Reason

    Stone Roses - Begging You


    "Everybody saw it, saw the dust that he made"

    Yeah its F E A R Ian Brown

    Bum! Too late again

    As above its f e a r - ian brown, great tune!

    v good tune

    Original Poster

    thats the one, thanks very much to all who suggested, yeah really cool song cant get it out of my head and i heard it last week.


    Genius from the Monkey man :thumbsup:
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