Found 22nd Jul 2008
Hey all,

I'm looking for a 'tree' thats all year round green, has a height of approx 8-10ft with a nice spread and doesn't need much tendering and looks great.

I'd prefer a tree rather than a buddleia or similar.

It's in a well drained, sunny position.

I'd also like to try and buy a 'mature specimin' rather than something that will take quite a few years to reach maturity.

Anyone got any thoughts?

As usual, all help really appreciated.



Something like this you mean?


Original Poster

its not green all year! we have one and it is the most fabulous thing really! it changes colours all year-at the moment half green half russety red colour. Everyone remarks on it and wants a cutting! it grew quite fast and is a lovely shape! if you want a pic of ours let me know? i am no gardener so its low maintenance!


Hi - I am not a good gardener, but we have red robin standards (Photinia) which are great. They were 4-5ft when we bought them 2 years ago and only cost £17.99 each. Fatsia Japonica grow quickly and look quite tropical. Your local garden centre may be able to help (except they couldn't help me when I wanted evergreen, 7ft, shady spot, pretty flowers and not buddleigh or connifer!)
Olive trees - are they any good?
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