Help with a wii!

    What with Fathers Day coming up I thought Id get my Dad something for the wii hes just bought.. but upon looking for games etc Ive found a few things about modding, chips, keys and all sorts but Ive no idea what any of it does!
    I have a DS lite myself and I have one of those cards that you download games to, but I have no idea where to start with a Wii.. on looking at download sites I know you must be able to get/download games as theres plenty listed for the wii, but Im not sure about how to do it/get it on the wii etc tbh.

    So can anyone help me out with the basics, give me an idea of what Id need to buy to get going etc, and the best price & site for it!?

    Any help will be v much appreciated.



    Turn the tap on and watch the water run, you'll go in no time :thumbsup:
    Ohhhhhhhhh, I mean erm, you need a wiikey or similar first. Get it fitted. Then you can just burn off the discs and play


    This guys chipps them whilst you wait (manchester area) or you can post your wii to him £55 or £100 depending on how new your WII is. Having seen him do it and the different types of chipps I would suggest that you do not attempt it yourself.

    As the message above, there are lots of people about selling backup games for £3 each or you can download them and burn them to dvd yourself.

    Also the chipp this guy uses still allows you to use all of the WIIs original features, play original games, play games online and so on.
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